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    108 Names of Ganesh in Odia Language

    ଗଣପତି ବାବାଙ୍କ ୧୦୮ ନାମ

    1 108 Names of Lord Ganesh Lord Ganesh is known for many manes. There exists 108 names of lord Ganesh in the world. Below are the list of Ganpati baba names in Odia language: Akhuratha:ଅଖୁରଥ: One who has Mouse as His Charioteer Alampata:ଅଲମ୍ପତ: One who is forever eternal Amit:ଅମିତ: One who is incomparable Anantachidrupamayam:ଅନନ୍ତଚିଦୃପମୟମ୍: One who […]